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revised November 15, 2012

Arrow BulletDivisions of Peel Public Health

Office of the Medical Officer of Health (MOH)

The Medical Officer of Health (MOH):

  • Is responsible for the management of public health programs and services.
  • Works directly with Peel Health's management team and staff to ensure the department is meeting the public health needs of the community.
  • Ensures that Peel Health programs and services are consistent with the guidelines legislated by the province.
  • Advises Regional Council on issues and policy affecting the health of the population of Peel.
  • Includes the Epidemiology Unit

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Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

The Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Division:

  • Specializes in developing programs, services and policies designed to:
    • promote healthy lifestyle choices including healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free living
    • prevent injuries
    • reduce substance abuse
    • promote healthy living for youth
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Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division:

  • Inspects, investigates and educates the public and operators about food safety, recreational and private drinking water systems, personal services, tobacco products, and community concerns, such as health hazards, rabies exposure, food-borne illness and community outbreaks.
  • Monitors and researches emerging issues in environmental health, such as mosquitoes and tick populations to limit the spread of West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, climate change, children's health and the environment, food safety and air quality.
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Family Health

The Family Health Division promotes the health of children 0-6 years and their families. Topics include:

  • Planning a pregnancy
  • Having a healthy baby
  • Breastfeeding
  • Parenting your child
  • Establishing healthy eating in young children
  • Learning about the growth and development of your child

The public can find information on these topics by:

  • Calling to speak to a Public Health Nurse
  • Attending a class
  • Reading a brochure
  • Visiting a website
  • Attending a community event

Staff within the division are also responsible for implementing the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program. This is a province wide, prevention / early intervention program designed to assist children to meet their developmental milestones.

The main goal of the Family Health Division is to help children get the best start possible, whether that’s before conception, during pregnancy, as an infant or right through to school age.

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Sexual Health and Communicable Diseases

The Sexual Health and Communicable Diseases division provides services to protect the public from reportable and sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

This division operates six Healthy Sexuality Clinics throughout the Region. Peel residents of all ages receive confidential counselling and clinical services related to birth control and sexually transmitted infections including anonymous HIV/AIDS testing.

Healthy Sexuality Clinics provide counselling for:

  • Birth Control
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • HIV Testing (anonymous)
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Sexual Health
  • Responsible Relationships
The Sexual Health and Communicable Diseases Division also operates the Region's Immunization Program which reduces the incidence of vaccine- preventable disease and provides Hepatitis B vaccine to Grade 7 students through school-based clinics.

The Communicable Diseases Section provides access to the reporting and follow-up of reportable communicable diseases.

Examples include:
  • Tuberculosis Control
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Meningitis
Vaccine distribution to Peel physicians is co-ordinated centrally. The Immunization Program monitors immunization records for all students.
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Revised: November 15, 2012

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