BingoThis is a BINGO game where the teacher reads a statement and the students must find the corresponding graphic on their BINGO card. It covers a variety of drug-related statements.

Key Message:

  • Alcohol affects the body in many ways immediately and over a long period of time. By avoiding alcohol you can stay away from its negative effects (physically, mentally and legally)
  • Drugs change the way the body and brain function



  • Distribute one Drug Prevention BINGO card to each student in the class
  • Use the question sheets to read the question or statement aloud and have the students guess the answer. The answers are found on the drug prevention BINGO card
  • If a student has the correct answer on their board, they will mark the square
  • Once a student has filled in their entire board they will yell "BINGO!" to win

Note to teachers: This activity can be used as a review to the Alcohol unit or at the beginning to gauge student's knowledge of the subject matter.

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