Know the Facts

Myth or FactThis activity allows students to research whether statements are a myth or fact, and raise awareness about alcohol.

Key Messages:

  • Alcohol is a drug
  • The earlier you start drinking, the more likely you are to experience problems with alcohol later in life



  • Divide students into small groups
  • Give each group a myth or fact card
  • Tell each group to research the following:
    • Is the statement a myth or a fact
    • Why? (students should provide the reasoning and research to support their myth/fact)
  • Come together and share the myth/fact and research found
  • Discuss

Note to teachers: This could also be used as a group discussion rather than a research activity.

Curriculum Expectation:

C1.2 - Describe the short and long-term effects of alcohol use, and identify factors that can affect intoxication (e.g., amount consumed, speed of consumption, sex, body size, combinations with other drugs or food, emotional state)

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