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revised February 17, 2023

Arrow BulletStress and Body Image

Does This Ever Happen to You?

Does this ever happen to you? Yes No
1. You're too busy to eat.
2. You're too upset or nervous to eat.
3. You eat because you're bored.
4. You eat to cope with anger, loneliness or other uncomfortable feelings.
5. Your favourite jeans don't fit.
6. Your face breaks out before an important event.
7. You get put down or teased about your size or appearance.

These are events, situations and ways of coping that could affect your stress level and your body image. If you checked mostly Yes boxes, remember that stress happens to everyone.

It's the coping that counts.
  • Some people find that they turn to food to cope with stress or uncomfortable feelings.
  • Others find that they can't eat when they are stressed.
  • Either can have a negative effect on body image.
Think about how stress affects you and your eating style.

Check out better ways to cool down, to enhance your body image... and your life. back to top

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Revised: February 17, 2023

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