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revised June 03, 2011

Arrow BulletAdults Handling Pressure

When you find yourself feeling pressured to do something you don't believe in, or just don't want to do, you're probably being thrown a "line".

Try a "comeback" to get someone who is pressuring you off you back.

How Lines and Comebacks Work...

Examples of Lines How the Line Works Comebacks that You Might Use
Don't worry. I'll use a condom. Diverts Your Attention

Tries to convince you by distracting you from the real issue - what you believe is right for you.
It doesn't have anything to do with using protection. I don't want to have sex with you.
You're acting like a scared kid! Put Down

Tries to get you to change your mind by insulting or belittling you.
I'm an adult - thank you. I know what's important to me and this just doesn't fit!
Come on - have another drink. You've worked hard. It's time to party. You'll be okay to drive. False Information

Stresses the positive consequences instead of the negative, to get you to go along.
No. More than one drink and I'm not okay to drive. I can party without more drinks.
Show me you love me, or I'm gone! Rejection

Rejects you because you won't give in.
See ya!
What are you so worried about? Everyone else is doing it. Personal Challenge

Appeals to your pride, sense of adventure, and wish to avoid embarrassment.
That's great. Then I guess you won't have any problem finding someone else.
You're such a good cook. I just want to have my boss and a few friends over to watch the game. Flattery

Tries to convince you to do something by complementing you first.
Go ahead. I already made plans to go to a movie tonight.
You never come over any more. I hardly recognize you! Can't you just be here for Sunday dinner? Guilt Trip

Tries to make you feel guilty so you'll give in.
Give it up, Mom! I know it's been a while and I'm looking forward to being there when I can.
Can you think of situations where you have felt pressured and come up with possible "comebacks" to deal with the pressure?

If you find yourself without a ready "comeback", it's okay to say "NO", and you don't have to explain.
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Revised: June 03, 2011

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