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There's no rush...
I'll talk to them when they get there...
I don't want to put ideas in their heads...
I need to know more myself to feel comfortable with this subject...

The Facts

  • 1 in 4 grade nine students has had sex at least one time.
  • By grade 11, half of students have had sex.
  • Persons aged 15 to 24 years have the highest incidence of chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most common sexually transmitted diseases in Peel.*
  • Canadian students are less knowledgeable about the facts related to HIV/AIDS transmission than they were in 1989.
  • 50% of grade 9 students surveyed did not know there was no cure for HIV.
Canadian Youth, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Study: "Factors Influencing Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours." (2003). Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.
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Sex Knowledge in Children and Teens

  • Today, children are faced with a variety of sexuality issues, such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, HIV/AIDS, and homophobia.
  • Sex is a subject many are uncomfortable discussing in a meaningful way, especially with children.
  • It is perhaps the only area of human life where some believe ignorance is preferable to knowledge.
  • Sol Gordon, an important author on this subject, writes: "Knowledge doesn't stimulate inappropriate behaviour - ignorance does."
  • Research actually suggests that children who are knowledgeable about sexuality are less likely to engage in early sexual activity or unprotected sex.
Gordon, Sol. "What kids need to know: Most parents and school systems fail to provide teenagers with relevant sex education." Psychology Today. Oct 1986, p. 22-26.

Sol Gordon also writes: "People who feel good about themselves are not available for exploitation and do not exploit others. Children who feel loved, secure and capable are more likely to make responsible, informed decisions."

Building self-esteem in your children can help you promote a foundation of healthy self-esteem that is so important to sexual health.
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What This Resource Offers

"Raising Sexually Healthy Children & Teens" is designed to assist you to:
  • Explore your own attitudes.
  • Increase your comfort level with the facts, and the issues ahead for your children and teens.
  • Prepare your children and teens to face our changing times and grow up sexually healthy.
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