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revised April 01, 2020

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) uses less energy and lasts longer than an incandescent bulb. Burning fossil fuels for energy releases pollutants into our air, so choosing CFL bulbs helps to protect the environment while saving you money.

Used CFL bulbs should be dropped-off at one of the Region of Peel’s Community Recycling Centres. Never discard compact fluorescent light bulbs in household trash.

CFL bulbs contain very small amounts of mercury, which is a toxic substance. The amount of mercury in a CFL bulb is about 4 to 5 milligrams. When compared to other sources of mercury, this is very small. When a CFL bulb is broken, follow proper clean-up instructions to minimize your exposure and protect your health.

For more information, go to Health Canada: The Safety of Compact Fluorescent Lamps

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Revised: April 01, 2020

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