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Last reviewed on: June 29, 2009
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How do I prevent allergic reactions?

  • Stay inside when pollen counts are high (mid-day to late afternoon). Pollen counts are generally lowest just after sunrise.
  • Watch local weather reports or visit the Weather Network for local pollen counts.
  • Keep windows closed and use air conditioning at home and in the car to reduce exposure to outdoor pollens. If a window-type air conditioner is used, keep the vent closed.
  • Do not use a fan with an open window, as this can bring more pollen into your home.
  • Mow your grass often. If possible, have a family member or friend do it for you. If this is not possible wear a dust/pollen mask while you mow.
  • Take your holiday during the peak of the pollen season in a place where the plants you are allergic to don't grow.
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses to prevent pollen from blowing into your eyes
  • Avoid places with lots of weeds and tall grasses, like parks or fields,
  • Ask your doctor about anti-histamine medications and prescription nose and eye drops to relieve symptoms. Be careful when driving or using machinery as some allergy medicines can make you sleepy
  • Clean your furnace/air-conditioner filter frequently to remove pollen.

This web page is for information purposes only.
It is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice.

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