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First Year

Last Reviewed: March 2017

Sleep and Crying
Crying is an important way that your baby communicates to you before they learn how to speak

Sleep is very important to your child’s health and well-being. Children who do not get enough sleep may have trouble getting through the day and, later, settling at night. Good sleep habits start from birth.

It is normal and healthy for babies to wake up during the night to feed. As your baby gets older, they will stay awake longer during the day and sleep for longer stretches at night.

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Crying is an important way your baby communicates with you before they can speak.

Figuring out why your baby is crying can be difficult – it is a matter of trial and error. What works today may not work tomorrow or the next day, but you need to show your baby they can trust you by picking them up and comforting them every time they cry.

Learn about why babies cry and what you can do to comfort your crying baby.

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