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Caring For Your
Newborn Baby

The First Few Days

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Baby on Dad's Belly

Your body is the safest and most comfortable source of warmth for your newborn.

Placing your naked baby on your bare chest or abdomen right after birth has many benefits, such as keeping him calm and comfortable.

Skin-to-skin contact within a half hour after birth can also help get breastfeeding off to a better start.

Skin-to-skin contact in the first few weeks and beyond helps to calm your baby down. It's a great way for your partner to bond with your baby too.

Ask for skin-to-skin contact

Doctor holding babyIn some hospitals it's routine for healthcare providers to wipe down and swaddle your baby before you hold him.

If you're unsure of your hospital's policy, tell your health care provider that you want skin-to-skin contact right after birth.

Be aware, however, that your baby might need to be taken to a warmer right after delivery, especially if he isn't breathing well. Your healthcare providers need to make sure your baby is breathing normally before skin-to-skin time. This is important for your baby's safety.

Peel Public Health
See the wonder of skin-to-skin contact right after birth.

Watch "Breastfeeding by Breast Crawl" - a baby finding his mother's breast all on his own.

Woman Holding Baby

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