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Caring For Your
Newborn Baby

Nail CareTaking Care of Your Newborn

Nail Care

You can care for your baby's nails by using an emery board, nail file and baby-sized nail clippers or scissors.

Use an emery board or nail file for the first few weeks. This is the easiest way to care for your baby's nails. Gently file your baby's nails while he's asleep.

Watch a short video on caring for your baby's nails.

Source: Credit Valley Hospital

After the first few weeks, switch to baby-sized nail clippers or scissors that have rounded tips.

How to trim your baby's nails

Step 1: Gently pull your baby's skin away from the nail.

Step 2: Hold his palm and finger steady with one hand and clip the nail straight across with the other hand.

Step 3: Use a nail file to smooth the nail.

Tips for making trimming easier

Trimming a baby's nails can be tricky.

If you see a little blood around your baby's nail, gently apply pressure to the area. Don't apply a bandage: if your baby puts his finger in his mouth, the bandage could come off, causing him to choke.

Trimming Tip

Use baby-sized nail clippers or round-tip scissors: they have rounded tips and will prevent damage to the nail bed.

You can make clipping or filing your baby's nails easier by teaming up with your partner. Try holding your baby on your lap or breastfeeding your baby to keep him calm and still while your partner trims and files his nails.

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Revised: Thursday February 21 2019

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