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revised January 13, 2009

Comprehensive Health Status Report 2008

Arrow BulletReproductive and Perinatal Health

Mother and newbornThis chapter discusses health issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and infancy. Peel has a relatively high proportion of young families and, hence, reproductive and perinatal health issues are of particular significance in Peel Region. Health protective behaviours such as folic acid supplementation, prenatal education and care, and the avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and drugs during pregnancy are important to ensure the most favourable reproductive outcomes possible.

Topics covered within this chapter include:

  • Pregnancy rates, including teen pregnancies
  • Therapeutic abortions
  • Prenatal care and education
  • Crude birth rates and fertility rates
  • Multiple births
  • Low birth weight and prematurity
  • Neural tube defects
  • Maternal and infant mortality
  • Stillbirths
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum mood disorders

Reproductive and Perinatal Health (PDF 13 pages, 1.79MB)

Table of contents:

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Revised: January 13, 2009

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