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Research reviews

Our staff use research review to identify the best available research evidence to inform public health decisions. Research review involves systematic and transparent steps to find, appraise and synthesize research that is relevant to a clearly defined question.

We conduct 3 different types of research reviews.

Rapid review
A Rapid review is used to summarize the best available synthesized evidence on a topic to add, change, or refocus, a program or intervention.

Focused practice question
A Focused Practice Question (FPQ) is used to inform public health practice or to develop key messages. An FPQ is appropriate when the scope of the decision is moderate.

Background reading
Background reading is used to understand key concepts, topic-specific language, and identify search terms. Background reading is used in low-risk situations. It’s not used to make significant public health decisions.

To access completed reviews, select your area of interest:

Research review by division

If you have questions about research review or you would like copies of our tools, please contact peelhealthlibrary@peelregion.ca.

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