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Advisory Group Meeting – Completion of the Synthesis Process

  • The NTNG Project Team presented a high level overview of the research conducted from the past five years to a panel of experts from areas such as: Early Child Development, Geography, Nursing, Psychology, Social Marketing, Medicine, Sociology and Public Health. The meeting fostered a discussion of the demonstrated needs of Peel families with young children and possible interventions.
  • Their feedback will be incorporated in the decision-making for the future direction of the NTNG Strategic Priority.


Data Story Part II:

  • This document describes the demonstrated needs of families with young children in Peel derived from a synthesis of available health status data along with qualitative findings from the Environmental Scan and the Parent Experience Study.
  • This process resulted in the identification of 23 needs of families and children in Peel, 12 in which Peel Public Health has a primary or secondary role and 8 needs that are not directly within the public health mandate.

Presentation at The Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC)

  • From a Conceptual Model to Health Status Data: Using a Conceptual Model to Explore the Health of Children and Families presented by Claudine Bennett, RN, BScN, MScN & Jackie Muresan RN, BScN, MScN.



Release of Peel Public Health's 10-Year Strategic Plan Progress Report

  • A summary of Nurturing the Next Generation's progress and achievements from 2009-2014.


Commencement of the Synthesis Process

  • Our synthesis process included a series of facilitated discussions with a group of decision makers at Peel Public Health (PPH).
  • The goal of the process was to use the evidence collected over the last four and a half years of the NTNG project to identify areas of focus for this strategic priority moving forward.
  • A draft of the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals was developed during this process. For more information on the synthesis process refer to updates.

Completion of the Situational Assessment:

Data Story Part I & Development of the Conceptual Model (PDF, 4.3MB):

  • In order to quantify health issues impacting families in Peel, readily available health status data was compiled and analyzed.
  • A conceptual model was adapted from the Biodevelopmental Framework and used to guide the analysis of health status data and identified data gaps.
  • The NTNG Conceptual Model includes the factors that influence optimal child development and key outcomes of interest identified in the literature.

Environmental Scan (PDF, 1.3MB):

  • A comprehensive review and analysis of the services that support Early Child Development in Peel was conducted through interviews and focus groups with key informants, decision-makers and service providers.
  • They identified strengths, gaps, challenges and opportunities for partnerships within the Early Child Development service sector.

Parent Experience Study (PDF, 1MB):

  • A qualitative study that examined the experiences of parents in Peel specifically from the birth of their child until the end of the second year of life.
  • Data was collected through focus groups, interviews and an online questionnaire.
  • This research was undertaken in partnership with Trent University.


Presentation at the World Social Marketing Conference

  • What Works for Whom Under What Conditions: A Brief Realist Review of Parent-Focused Social Marketing Interventions presented by Melanie Gillespie, MA and Brenda Smith-Chant, PhD

Presentation at The Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC)

  • Developing a Population Health Initiative to Support Early Child Development: The Nurturing the Next Generation Project presented by Anne Fenwick, RN, BScN, Claudine Bennett, RN, BScN, MScN, Judy Buchan, RN, BScN, Brenda Smith-Chant, PhD, Melanie Gillespie, MA
  September A Situational Assessment of Peel's early childhood environment for families from preconception to the end of the second year of life was launched. This included Data Story Part I, the Environmental Scan and the Parent Experience Study.

Presentation at Community Health Nurses Conference

  • Developing a Population Health Initiative to Support Early Child Development: The Nurturing the Next Generation Project presented by Claudine Bennett, RN, BScN, Judy Buchan, RN, BScN, Cyndi Gilmer, RN, MHSc(N), DHlthSc(c)


Nurturing Matters Conference: Feb. 22-23, 2012

  • The conference was held to share the findings from the CIHR: Realist Review with our community partners, and other leaders in public health, research and early child development.

Presentation at Best Start Conference

  • Nurturing Matters presented by Anne Fenwick, RN, BScN and Brenda Smith-Chant, PhD.

CIHR Funded Knowledge Synthesis (Realist Review) (PDF, 780KB)

  • A CIHR funded Realist Review was completed in partnership with researchers at Trent University, York University, University of Calgary and McMaster University.
  • The review identified population level approaches to support children's social, emotional, and cognitive development specifically in domains of parent education, social connectivity, and social marketing.


Work continued on the Knowledge Synthesis (Realist Review)



Launch of the NurturingMatters.ca Website



Nurturing the Next Generation was awarded a Knowledge Synthesis 2010 Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to conduct a realist synthesis of the current literature of population interventions that optimize Early Child Development.



Selection of a Guiding Framework

In collaboration with Trent University, a literature review was completed and the Biodevelopmental Framework* was selected as the guiding framework for the NTNG Strategic Priority. For more information on the selection process, refer to NTNG: In search of a theoretical framework to support population-based approaches for supporting very early child development.

Framework for Reconceptualising Early Childhood Policies and Programs

*also called A Framework for Reconceptualising Early Childhood Policies and Programs to Strengthen Lifelong Health

Shonkoff, J.P. Building a biodevelopmental framework to guide the future of early childhood policy. Child Dev. 2010; 81(1): 357-67.



The launch of Nurturing the Next Generation Strategic Priority


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