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Communicable/Reportable Diseases

Influenza, Rabies, STIs, TB, other
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Vaccine Order Request

You must provide an email address for online orders so that we can send you a confirmation email for receipt of your order.

For questions about completing this form, please contact the Vaccine Order Desk at
905-791-7800 ext. 6404.

I have confirmed:

Order Information
(*) Mandatory fields

Date of Pick-up: Three Business days after order is received.
(For exceptions, see Delivery or Pick-up Preference section)

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* Delivery or Pick-up Preference
Orders must be submitted 3 business days prior to delivery

Please choose a pick-up location:

Type of Refrigerator

Please indicate the number of refrigerators approved for storage of vaccine:

* Please order no more than a ONE month supply of vaccines

Note: If you are not ordering the vaccine, Current Stock is not required.

For more information about vaccines, visit Ontario's Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules
must be ordered
in increments of:
Current Stock
(# of doses)
# of Doses
Hib: 1 dose
Adacel® / Boostrix® (Tdap): 5 doses
Adacel® Polio / Boostrix® Polio (TdapIPV): 10 doses
IMOVAX® - Inactivated Polio (IPV): 1 dose
Menjugate® / NeisVac-C® (Men-C)
≥12 months of age (up to grade 6):
10 doses
Menactra® (Men-C-ACYW)
≥12 years of age (must be in grades 8-12)
*Only for students
that missed it in grade 7
5 doses
1 dose
MMR® II / Priorix® & diluent (MMR)
≥12 months (for school attendance):
10 doses
Pediacel® (DTaP-IPV Hib): 5 doses
Pneumovax® 23 (Pneu PS): 10 doses
Pneumococcal Immunization Decision Tool – High Risk Patient
Prevnar® 13 (Pneumococcal Conjugate)
< 2 years and /or
High Risk Adults > 50 years:
10 doses
Pneumococcal Immunization Decision Tool – High Risk Patient
Priorix Tetra ™ / ProQuad ® & diluent (MMRV): 10 doses
RotaTeq® (Rotarvirus): 10 doses
Td Adsorbed (for 7 years and over): 5 doses
Tubersol® - TB Mantoux: 10 doses
Varivax® III / Varilrix® & diluent(Varicella): 10 doses
Do you have a booked appointment for a client who is 70 years of age?
Yes    No
The maximum quantity is 2 doses due to an ongoing provincial supply shortage. Administer to patients who are 70 years of age only. More information is available here (see page 2).
Zostavax® (HZV) 1 dose
Vaccine Related Supplies


* Air-Based Thermometer no longer available for order

If you have been notified by Peel Public Health to submit temperature logs with your vaccine orders, please ensure that logs spanning from your last order until today are emailed to us at ZZG-VMPIOrderRequests@peelregion.ca.

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