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revised September 10, 2012


For more information on Family Violence call:
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Peel Public Health Resources

Ask Tool Kit (PDF 351KB, 34 pages)

 The ASK Took Kit is a practical resource for health professionals who provide services to women. The information contained in this resource will help you to identify and respond to women who may be experiencing abuse or violence in their relationships.

Power and Control Wheel Poster (PDF 1 page)

This poster features the power and control and equity wheels. The poster demonstrates the different types of behaviours used within an abusive relationship and those used within a healthy, equal relationship. This poster would be useful for all health and social service providers to explain the dynamics of abuse with patients.

Violence Affects Children and Nurturing Helps to Heal Poster (PDF 1 page)

This poster features the Violence Affects Children and the Nurturing Helps to Heal wheels. This poster demonstrates the well documented effects of exposure to domestic violence on the physical, psychological and emotional health of children and the nurturing and attachment behaviours that promote healthy growth and development. This poster would be a useful tool for health and social service providers to discuss the impact of violence on children as well as behaviours to help mitigate its effect on children.

Violence Affects Children and Nurturing Helps to Heal Flyer (PDF 2 pages)

This is an 8 ˝ x 11 inch laminated double sided page with the impact wheel on one side and the nurturing wheel on the other. The wheels can be discussed separately, either in general terms or looking at each wedge individually to emphasize specific effects or interventions. It can be used as part of a domestic violence assessment or as a teaching tool.
NOTE: To ensure safety of the mother and child please do not distribute the flyer containing the ‘Violence Affects Children’ wheel. The Nurturing Wheel may be printed from this site or copied from the flyer for client distribution.

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Community Resources

Creating a Safety Plan

This information package outlines action steps health care professionals can recommend to increase women and their children’s safety. This information within this booklet was put together by women who have survived abusive or violent relationships.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

This booklet was developed for women who have experienced violence in their family. It is designed to provide women and their families with information on the impact of their children's exposure to woman abuse, strategies for helping children cope with abuse, strategies for improving parenting skills, educational resources parents can use with their children, and a list of community agencies that will provide support to women and their families.

For copies of these booklets, please contact the Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse  

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Web Site Links

Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse

  • The Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse (PCAWA) is a group of individuals representing various agencies in Peel. The committee’s mandate is to promote a comprehensive and effective response to woman abuse in Peel. 

Peel Committee On Sexual Assault

  • The Peel Committee on Sexual Assault (PCSA) is a group of service providers working collaboratively to establish a comprehensive and effective community response to end sexual violence.

HEAL Network

  • HEAL (Helping End Abuse for Life) Network is a collaboration of 18 social service agencies dedicated to helping children and youth deal with their exposure to woman abuse.  The HEAL Network provides individual and group counseling to mothers and their children (0-16 years).

Education Wife Assault

  • Education Wife Assault's mission is to inform and educate the community about the issue of wife assault/woman abuse in order to decrease the incidence of physical, psychological, emotional and sexual violence against women and the effect that woman abuse has on children.

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence - Health Canada

  • The National Crime Prevention Strategy is based on the principle that the surest way to reduce crime is to focus on the factors that put individuals at risk - factors like family violence, school problems and drug abuse. It aims to reduce crime and victimization by tackling crime before it happens.

Ontario Women's Directorate – Preventing Violence Against Women

  • The Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD) provides focus for government action on issues of concern to women - in particular, social, economic and justice-related issues. The OWD has two key areas of activity: preventing violence against women and promoting women's economic independence

Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women

  • Developed by the United Nations in 1993, this Declaration recognizes the urgent need for the universal application to women of the rights and principles with regard to equality, security, liberty, integrity and dignity of all human beings.

Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children

  • The Metropolitan Toronto Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) is a community-based organization that seeks to decrease and eliminate all forms of violence against women and children. METRAC is committed to the right of women and children to live their lives free of violence and the threat of violence.

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