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Health Inspections

Iím opening a new business. What should I do?

Contact Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 and ask to speak with a Region of Peel certified public health inspector (PHI) before you start construction or open your new business. The inspector will explain the requirements for your business and inspect your shop before you open to make sure everything’s in order.

If you’re opening a personal services business in Brampton you must have a Personal Aesthetic Procedures license.

For more information call the City of Brampton, Licensing Administration Office at 905-874-2580. City of Brampton Licensing By-Laws (see page 85 of 108).

Contact the City of Mississauga zoning at 905-896-5581 and City of Mississauga licensing at 905-896-5658.

Check with the Town of Caledon (By LAW No 2010 062) for licensing procedures at 905-584-2272.

What should I do if an inspector visits my shop?

An inspector will visit your business to do an unannounced inspection during normal business hours. Generally, no appointment is made prior to the inspection.

After showing proper identification, the inspector must be allowed to inspect the shop, even if the owner of the shop isn’t there.

How often will an inspector visit?

Depending on the services you offer you will see an inspector once or twice a year for a routine inspection (and possibly a re-inspection). An inspector will also visit any time a complaint against your business has been made.

What will the inspector look for during an inspection?

The inspector will observe your practices and check your premises and equipment to make sure your clients’ health isn’t being put at risk.

The inspector will also check that you meet the requirements of the Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services Settings (PDF 73 pages, 37 KB) set out by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (2009).

If you don't adhere to the requirements:

  • you may be ordered to stop providing a service
  • equipment may be placed on hold from use
  • in the City of Brampton, approval for your Personal Aesthetics Procedure license may not be given, and/or
  • your shop may be closed.


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Revised: Wednesday July 19 2023

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