About the Data Analysis Coordinators (DAC) Program

Data Analysis Coordinators (DACs) provide a range of support services to the early years community in Peel. The DAC program exists across communities in Ontario and is funded in part by the Ministry of Education. The Region of Peel is the host agency for the Peel DAC program.

DAC service objectives:

  1. Support early years research, evaluation and information needs at the community, regional and provincial level
  2. Collect, analyze and report on information relevant to the community and/or early years sector
  3. Collect reports and maintain a resource library
  4. Liaise with key stakeholders
  5. Support knowledge mobilization and exchange
  6. Build capacity within the community to understand and apply information and early years research

The DAC scope provides information on the areas of support the DACs provide to the early years community. This scope is based on the DAC Service Description and was developed in consultation with the early years service providers in Peel that the DAC program supports.

To make data, mapping or project requests regarding the early years in Peel please contact us

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