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revised December 16, 2011


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Trauma Prevention Council
Rm. 435, East Wing, 237 Barton St. E.
Hamilton, ON
L8L 2X2

Phone: 905-528-7149 or 1-866-860-2226
Fax: 905-577-9966
Email: traprev@skylinc.net
Fee for Service: $2 per booklet or $1500 for the license (up to a maximum of 10,000 copies) to produce the booklet in your community. License includes the community guide and CD ROM with the text and artwork.

  • A program designed to give parents and caregivers the tools to teach traffic safety to children
  • The target ages are 18 months to 8 years
  • Consists of 13 exercises which parents and caregivers can use to teach traffic safety
  • A step-by-step method teaches traffic safety on the sidewalk rather than in the classroom
  • Uses practical skills that fit the reality of traffic today
Learn Not to Burn
Michele Allen
15 Fairview Rd. W.
Mississauga, ON
L5B 1K7

Phone: 905-896-5917
Fax: 905-615-3773
Email: Michele.allen@city.mississauga.on.ca
Fee for Service: No charge
  • A fire prevention and fire safety curriculum developed by the National Fire Protection Association
  • The goal of the curriculum is to reduce the number of deaths and severity of injuries to people caused by fires and to reduce the number of fires and the extent of property damage that result from fires
  • The target grades are Level 1 - Kindergarten to grade 2; Level 2 - grades 3 to 5; Level 3 - grades 6 to 8
  • Each level consists of 25 curriculum cards. Each curriculum card corresponds with one of the key fire safety behaviours recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. The 25 cards are broken down into 3 priorities: protection, prevention and persuasion
Risk Watch
Contact (In Brampton)
George Hitchcock
8 Rutherford Rd. S.
Brampton, ON
L6W 3J1

Phone: 905-458-5404
Fax: 905-458-8662
Email: george.hitchcock@city.brampton.on.ca

Contact (In Caledon)
Gillian Boyd
6085 Old Church Rd.
Caledon, ON
L7C 1G6

Phone: 905-584-2272
Fax: 905-584-1477
Email: gboyd@town.caledon.on.ca
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fee for Service: Approximately $500.00 (currently working on sponsorship to be able to offer it free)

  • A primary injury prevention curriculum designed to create safer communities by joining teachers and the community to teach children the knowledge and skills to avoid risks leading to unintentional injuries
  • Target grades are pre-school to kindergarten; grade 1 to 2; grade 3 to 4; grade 5 to 6 and grade 7 to 8
  • Lessons covered in the curriculum are motor vehicle safety; fire and burn prevention; choking, suffocation and strangulation prevention; poisoning prevention; falls prevention; fire arms injury prevention; bike and pedestrian safety and water safety


Think First Foundation of Canada
Dr. Charles Tator
Toronto Western Hospital
750 Dundas St. W Suite 2-227
Toronto, ON
M6J 3S3

Phone: 1-800-335-6076
Fax: 416-603-7795
Email: national@netrover.com
Website: www.thinkfirst.ca

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Fee for Service: All materials are provided free of charge to schools - to be implemented by teachers in the classroom

  • Dedicated to educating children and teens about the prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Provides two school-based programs in English and French
  • Think First is an elementary level program that teaches kids both where potential danger lies and how to avoid it
  • Think First for teens teaches the same concepts but also raises issues applicable to older children such as bystander behaviour and peer pressure
  • The principal theme of both programs is to convince kids to "Think First" before any activities



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Revised: December 16, 2011

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