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healthy sexuality
For Parents

Raising Sexually Healthy Kids:
Support & Resources

Recommended Websites

Canadian Health Network
List of articles about talking with your child/teen about sex as well as links to other resources and websites.

Teaching Sexual Health
A sexual health website, including sections for parents and students at all grade levels.

Sexuality and U
Information about puberty, talking about sex with your child, sexuality transmitted infections (STIs) and contraception.

Canadian Federation of Sexual Health
A sexual health website with links for parents and youth. (Formerly known as Planned Parenthood)


Recommended Books

For Parents

  • From Diapers to Dating; A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children, Debra Haffner (2004)
    - Offers clear, direct descriptions about age-appropriate behaviour and knowledge for kids aged 0-12.

  • The New Speaking Of Sex: What Your Children Need To Know And When They Need To Know It, Meg Hickling (2005)
    - Offers no-nonsense facts in a humorous yet "scientific" manner. Features chapters related to the Internet and multi-faiths plus humorous stories, guidelines and examples.

  • What Smart Teenagers Know...About Dating, Relationships & Sex, Deborah Hatchell (2003)
    - An excellent tool for parents and teachers. Covers dating, relationships and sex, while weaving such themes as self-esteem, trust, mutual respect, thoughtful decision making, and communication throughout each chapter.

For Children

  • The Bare Naked Book by Kathy Stinson and Heather Collins (2006)
    - An introduction to the parts of the body for older toddlers and preschoolers.

  • What’s the Big Secret? Laurie Krasny Brown, Ed.D. and Marc Brown (2004)
    - Lively and humorous illustrations help children feel that sex is a subject that they can feel comfortable asking about

  • Where Did I Come From? Peter Mayle (2000)
    - Clear, realistic illustrations and gentle descriptions about sexual organs, sex, pregnancy and birth.

For Parents & Teenagers (Shared Reading)

  • All the Way: Sex for the First Time, Kim Martyn, 2004
    - Features up-to-date information about sexual health for young people that addresses teens in a frank and friendly manner.

  • Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality, An Essential Handbook for Today's Teen and Parents, Michael Basso (2003)
    - A guide to teen sexuality updated and expanded with information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), contraception, sexual abuse, healthy relationships and more.

  • The Sex Book: A No-Nonsense Guide for Teenagers, Jane Pavanel (2001)
    - Tackles difficult topics directly and candidly in a language that teens understand.

For Pre-Teens and Teenagers

  • Growing And Changing: A Handbook For Preteens, Kathleen Mccoy (2002) 
    - Simplified question-and-answer format that includes the ages of the questioners (most of them aged 11 or 12).

  • What's Happening to Me? Alex Firth, Susan Meredith, and Adam Larkum (2007)
    - Good for preteens: gives straightforward descriptions of why puberty happens, physical body changes, hormones, masturbation and more.

  • The Teen Body Book: A Guide to Your Changing Body, Judie Lewellen (2000)
    - Discusses topics of concern to teenagers including puberty, body changes, sex, STDs, contraception, eating habits, and exercise.

  • Straight Talk: How Teens Can Make Wise Choices About Love And Sex, Loretta Parker Spivey (2000)
    - A book of true stories about real, everyday people and the remorse they have for decisions they’ve made. Offers teens defensive strategies for saying no and knowing how far is too far.

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