The Gay Pride Flag of Canada

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The ‘Rainbow Flag’ - or ‘Freedom Flag’ - has represented the gay and lesbian culture since the late 1970s. It is often used as a symbol of gay pride in gay rights marches.

While the original rainbow flag originated in the United States, variations are now used throughout the world. Some feature the Greek letter λ (lambda) in white in the middle of the flag or a pink or black triangle in the upper-left corner. Some flags feature a black stripe in remembrance of community members lost to AIDS.

Like our National Flag, Canada’s Gay Pride Flag features a distinctive 11-point red sugar maple leaf set on a white background. The red leaf and the white background acknowledge Canada’s national symbol and colours. The bars on either side feature colours that symbolize the diversity of Canada’s gay community:

  • The Gay Pride Flag of CanadaRed for Light
  • Orange for Healing
  • Yellow for Sunshine
  • Green for Serenity
  • Blue for Art
  • Purple for Spirit

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