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If you have questions about testing, preventing HIV or are looking for resources, counselling and support services, there are a wealth of services available to you.

Peel Region Area Services

  • Peel Public Health - Customer Contact Centre
    Phone: 905-799-7700

    This phone number is a confidential, anonymous, free telephone service. Information is provided by Public Health Nurses who can answer your questions about sexual health issues, including HIV/AIDS.

  • Peel Public Health Healthy Sexuality Clinics
    Phone: 905-799-7700

    There are six Peel Public Health Healthy Sexuality Clinics throughout Peel Region. These clinics offer anonymous or nominal testing, pre- and post-test counselling and referral for individuals seeking HIV services at no cost.

    Public Health Nurses are also available to provide information, assist with partner notification and counselling support to physicians and their clients, either by phone or in person.

  • Peel Works Needle Exchange Program (NEP)
    Phone: 647-225-1623

    Peel Public Health operates a needle exchange program aimed at preventing the spread of bloodborne diseases, like HIV/AIDS, in the injection drug using (IDU) community.

    The NEP provides education, sterile needles/syringes and other injection drug supplies and safe disposal of used needles and equipment. Referrals are also made for clients seeking information, support and treatment.

  • Peel HIV/AIDS Network
    Phone: 905-361-0523
    Address: 601-7700 Hurontario Street, Brampton

    The Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN) supports people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS through education, advocacy and volunteerism.

  • Hope 24/7
    24-hour line: 1-800-810-0180

    Hope 24/7 provides crisis support services to female victims/survivors and their families and friends in a safe and respectful environment.

Greater Toronto Area Services

  • AIDS Committee of Toronto
    Phone: 416-340-2437

    The AIDS Committee of Toronto provides HIV prevention education and outreach programs to gay and bisexual men, at-risk women and youth.

  • Toronto People with AIDS Foundation
    Phone: 416-506-1400

    The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation is a safe place to get practical information and support services. Its goal is to help people with HIV/AIDS to continue living independently and with dignity.

  • Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)
    Phone: 416-963-4300

    A non-profit, community-based organization, ACAS provides HIV/AIDS education, prevention and support services to East and Southeast Asian Canadian communities.

  • The Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)
    Phone: 416-977-9955

    Black CAP is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit, community-based organization. Its mission is to reduce the spread of HIV infection within black communities and to enhance the quality of life of black people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

  • Teresa Group
    Phone: 416-596-7703

    Teresa Group is an independent agency that partners with The Hospital for Sick Children. It provides support and counselling to children infected with or affected by HIV.

    Teresa Group offers individual and group counselling, emergency financial assistance for families affected by HIV, parent support groups, and care packages of food, diapers, and free formula delivered anywhere in Ontario for infants of HIV positive mothers.

Provincial Services

  • HIV and AIDS Legal Aid Ontario (HALCO)
    Toll Free: 1-888-705-8889

    HALCO is a not-for-profit, community-based legal clinic serving low income people with HIV and AIDS.

  • Ontario AIDS Network
    Phone: 416-364-4555

    The Ontario AIDS Network works to improve the quality and length of life of those infected and affected by HIV and to prevent the spread of HIV. Member groups across Ontario offer a variety of services and support, such as information about treatments and referrals to anonymous testing clinics.

  • AIDS Hotline
    Phone: 1-800-668-2437

    Provides telephone information, counselling and support for residents of Ontario.

Canada-Wide Services

  • Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
    Phone: 1-800-263-1638

    CATIE is Canada’s source for up-to-date, unbiased information about HIV and hepatitis C. We connect people living with HIV or hepatitis C, at-risk communities, healthcare providers and community organizations with the knowledge, resources and expertise to reduce transmission and improve quality of life.

  • Canadian AIDS Society
    Phone: 613-230-3580
    Toll free: 1-800-499-1986

    The Canadian AIDS Society is dedicated to strengthening the response to HIV/AIDS across society and to enriching the lives of people and communities living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

    CANFAR is a national charitable foundation whose goal is to raise awareness in order to generate funds for research into all aspects of HIV infection and AIDS.

  • Health Canada
    Phone: 1-613-957-2991
    Toll Free: 1-866-225-0709

    Offers a brief history of AIDS and HIV in Canada; provides links to fact sheets, current research, treatments and resources for at-risk groups.

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