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health status data

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Need help understanding the data contained on this site?

  • For each data source, information about data collection and analytical methods, limitations, the citation and additional resources can be found on the Data Sources and Methods page.

Within the Ontario Public Health Standards, health units in Ontario are required to assess current health status, health behaviours, preventive health practices, health-care utilization relevant to public health and demographic information. Health units are also required to provide population health information to the public, community partners, and health-care providers.

Health status data is a form of evidence and should be used to make evidence-informed decisions with regards to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of public health programs.

The health data contained within this web site will be useful to the following audiences:

  • community partners such as municipalities, school boards, public health agencies and medical professionals;
  • media;
  • students; and the
  • general public.

How to use the data

The data are presented for your use in Excel files, which include key messages, data tables, and information about the data source and methods used.

Information about the various data sources can be found within Data Sources, Methods and Limitations tab.

When possible, maps have also been prepared by the following geographies:

All data presented within these web pages were identified by Peel Public Health as required data to support public health programs.

Data are updated on a regular basis and at different times depending on when our data provider sends a new update.

Please direct any questions to ZZG-Health Status Data.

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