Smokes and Ladders Game Instructions

For Grades K - 3

Kids & Ladder

Start“Smokes and Ladders” helps younger students understand some of the issues surrounding the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke.

This game includes strategies to deal with situations where tobacco is involved, and students are encouraged to discuss the scenarios as they are encountered.

How to play

Students can play in groups of 2-4. A set of dice is included but not playing pieces (i.e. markers). Any small object can serve as a marker (e.g. eraser).

  • Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their markers along the board towards the finish.

  • Players whose markers land on a ladder read the scenario on the square and ‘climb’ up to the top; players whose markers land on a smoke (cigarette) read the corresponding scenario and move down to the bottom.

  • The first player to reach the ‘Finish’ square wins the game.

Points of discussion

“Smokes and Ladders” introduces various situations involving tobacco. You can use these situations as a starting point for discussions on topics involving the dangers of smoking and the benefits of staying smoke-free.

Visit Harmful Health Effects of Smoking for additional information to facilitate discussions.


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