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Substance misuse

You can develop a substance use or alcohol and drug policy to help protect your employees and minimize liability.

Substance use can affect job performance in many ways. Impairment from alcohol, cannabis, illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs can affect alertness, concentration, decision-making, efficiency and accuracy of work. It can also lead to absenteeism, reduced productivity, injury and illness.

The facts

Create your plan

The following action plans can be used to create your substance misuse plan for your organization.

Create a policy

Assess factors at work that may contribute to substance misuse

Pay attention to things like:

Plan responses ahead of time

Include specific responses to job performance issues related to substance use and procedures for handling a situation if the need arises.

Offer help

Clearly identify ways for employees to seek assessment and support. For example EAP, counseling, treatment.

Communicate the policy

Use the organization's various communication channels to communicate the new policy to all staff.

Plan for training

Provide supervisor training to ensure consistent and appropriate application of the policy.

Follow through

Enforce your policies in a fair and consistent manner.

Make time to review the policy

Other information