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Housing and shelter

Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan

This plan guides the work of the Region and its partners to make affordable housing available to all residents and to prevent chronic homelessness.

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Urgent help with housing

If you're at immediate risk of losing housing or are homeless call us at 905-453-1300


Find a shelter

Find a local shelter, housing supports and emergency shelters.

Help with utility bills or rent to avoid eviction

You may be eligible for one-time financial help if you are behind in your bills or facing eviction.

Apply for housing subsidy

If you do not have an urgent housing need, you can apply to the wait list for a housing subsidy.

Keep wait list information updated

If you’re on the wait list for a housing subsidy, you need to let us know if there are changes to your information.

Being a tenant in Ontario

Useful information sources available for tenants in Ontario.

Building with developers and community partners

If you're a housing developer, provider or community organization interested in building new affordable housing, we want to work with you.

Housing providers

If you're a provider of affordable or subsidized housing, access the centralized wait list and find other resources.

Housing and homelessness

How we're working to increase affordable housing and prevent homelessness.

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