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Supporting Peel Region’s plan to increase affordable housing and prevent chronic homelessness.

Our mission is to build affordable and emergency housing and to encourage private and non-profit developers to contribute to this goal.

We develop a variety of affordable housing projects as part of the Housing Master Plan on land owned by Peel Region and Peel Housing Corporation. These projects also meet the community needs identified in Peel's Housing and Homelessness Plan.

We oversee the entire housing development process including:

We also support private and non-profit developers to build rental housing in Peel, through the Peel Affordable Rental Incentives Program.

Our project process

Other information

In 2018, the Peel's Housing and Homelessness Plan (PHHP) was developed as a 10-year plan to make affordable housing available and prevent homelessness for all Peel residents. The Housing Master Plan was created as a key action of PHHP, endorsed by Regional Council on July 11, 2019.

Housing development implements Peel’s Housing Master Plan to create more than 5,650 affordable rental units and shelter beds on Peel Region and Peel Housing Corporation sites by 2034.

The Peel Affordable Rental Incentives Program is directly linked to pillar 3 of the PHHP, maximize planning tools and incentives. Through this program, we’ll award funding to successful applicants to build middle and low-income rental housing in Peel region.

We also support other affordable housing projects including third-party developments.

Our projects contribute to Regional Council’s vision for a Community for Life. We take pride in building not just affordable housing, but using leading-edge building practices and materials. We also ensure the housing we build is close to transit and services. Peel Region views its affordable housing buildings as creating sustainable, complete communities that embrace the following principles:

  • We take pride in building not just affordable housing, but sustainable and inclusive communities, and creating homes that give residents stability, peace of mind, and safety.
  • Mixed-income buildings: At least 40% of the units are offered at rental rates below 60% of the average market rent. This creates a mixed-income and financially viable project.
  • We design new housing with our residents in mind, including accessibility needs, and the needs of vulnerable populations, seniors, families and individuals.
  • We design new housing to be resilient, energy efficient and to reduce greenhouse gases; this supports the Peel Region's Climate Change Master Plan.
  • Easy access to services is as important as having a suitable place to live. This means creating affordable housing in well-developed neighbourhoods that provide proximity to schools, green space, transit, and other amenities.
  • Peel Region’s affordable housing buildings have indoor and outdoor amenities and communities spaces to foster well-being, connectedness, and enhanced quality of life for residents.
  • We collaborate with private and non-profit organizations, the development community, our local municipalities, and our partners at the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada to foster successful working relationships.