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Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan

Setting the direction for the work of the Region and its partners to increase affordable housing and prevent chronic homelessness in Peel.

View the Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan - 2018–2028 (PDF)


We have 5 strategies (PDF) focused on helping people to get and keep housing. They include:

Key Actions in 2019

To achieve those strategies, we have focused our work on the following key actions in 2019:

Housing Master Plan

Provides a long-term plan to redevelop or build on Peel Housing Corporation sites and Regional surplus lands. Regional Council endorsed the Housing Master Plan in July 2019. The plan supports the “building new affordable housing” strategy.

Incentives Pilot Project

Identifies financial and non-financial incentives to encourage partners to build more affordable housing. A report is scheduled to go to the Strategic Housing and Homelessness Committee (SHHC) early 2020 on a recommended plan. The project supports "Providing Incentives to Build Affordable Housing”.

Service Transformation

Focuses on assessing all the services a person may need to get and keep housing, rather than leaving it up to residents to apply for various programs that they may or may not be eligible for. The new service delivery model will be presented to the SHHC in November 2019. The supports "Transforming Service" delivery.

Private Stock Strategy

Develops ideas and incentives for home owners and landlords to increase affordable housing within their homes or buildings. Recommendations are scheduled to go to the SHHC early 2020. Supports "Optimizing existing stock."

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