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    The mandate of the Housing Policy Section is to understand, create and advance housing and related policy, share information with internal and external stakeholders and actively contribute towards the fulfillment of the department’s mandate. This includes team members acting as Regional ambassadors when appropriate.

    The Housing Policy Team consists of a Manager, four Policy Analysts and a student. Their roles and responsibilities include research, analysis, writing, policy development, monitoring and evaluating policies and programs, advocacy, facilitation, consultation and consensus building, development and implementation of education and training strategies and research-related project management.

    Whether it’s within the department or outside it, the Policy Team almost always works in collaboration and partnership with others to get the job done. Some of the groups they are involved with outside the department are other Regional departments such as Planning, Social Services and Health, other municipalities, provincial and federal governments, social housing providers, community agencies, private developers, sector organizations, and local residents.

    Key Projects

    Some of the key projects which members of the Policy Team are currently managing, or participating in, include:

    • Co-ordinating a community-based Peel Advisory Working Group on Older Adults’ Housing
    • Developing, monitoring and evaluating local policies regarding social housing administration in Peel Region, in collaboration with others
    • Providing ‘fee for service’ support to Peel Living, the results of which will, in many cases, benefit the broader social housing sector in Peel
    • Developing and implementing an education/training strategy for local social housing providers, which will assist them with the administration of their social housing portfolios within the context of the Social Housing Reform Act (2000)


    An important role of members of the Policy Team is their participation on various committees, either as the lead or in a support capacity. In this way the Policy Team assists in achieving objectives for key projects. Some of the committees the Housing Policy Section participates on are:

    • Peel Advisory Working Group on Older Adults’ Housing - The mandate of this group is to develop and promote ways of meeting the current and future need for appropriate and affordable rental and ownership housing for older adults in Peel Region.
    • Planning for Healthy Communities – This broadly-based committee’s role is to consider what constitutes a healthy community and what actions can be taken to advance “smart growth” in Peel. This not only includes land-use planning but also consideration of economic and social attributes that may affect an individual’s sense of belonging to their community.
    • Peel Mental Health Housing Coalition Board – The Coalition was incorporated in 1988 and is registered as a charitable organization. Its purpose is to identify and conduct research concerning the housing needs of mental health consumers in the Region of Peel and deliver the results to relevant organizations. Its goals include advocacy, information dissemination, research, development of alliances to promote continuity in housing and support services and building and strengthening membership capacity.
    • Stakeholder Advisory Committee (STAC) - This committee represents social housing and service providers in Peel. It provides input and advice regarding issues of municipal discretion to the Region as a Service Manager for social housing administration in Peel
    • Social Housing Policy Committee – A major role of this committee is to develop, in collaboration with STAC, appropriate local social housing policies for the Region of Peel as a Service Manager, and submit these to Regional Council for approval.
    • Building Healthy Communities – This broad-based committee seeks ways to enhance the quality of life for those who are homeless, at-risk or vulnerable to becoming homeless and enhance the health and well-being of Peel residents. With a membership that is open to all Peel community stakeholders and partners, BHC provides a bi-monthly forum for discussion of key issues, the development of appropriate actions and networking.

    Revised: Wednesday September 11 2019

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