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    How Long do I Have to Wait for a Subsidized Unit in Peel?

    Regrettably, the wait for a subsidized unit in the Region of Peel is very long.

    It is a priority of Peel Region to house as many people as possible in need of subsidized housing but the demand for housing simply continues to far exceed the available supply. Peel's population is growing rapidly and there isn't enough funding to build the amount of new affordable housing our citizens need. As a result, most applicants are experiencing lengthy wait times for an available unit.

    New applicants for subsidized housing, except for seniors, can expect to wait up to 21 years for an available unit. New senior applicants can expect to wait 3 to 7 years for an available unit.

    Applicants currently on the waiting list can expect to wait an average of 10 – 15 years. However, that time may increase depending on the number of units available. People are staying longer in their units because they can’t afford housing elsewhere in the community. As well, provincial legislation restricts our ability to house most applicants within a readily predictable timeframe.

    Applicants at the top of the waiting list who are currently being housed have been waiting for the following average lengths of time:

    • Singles requiring a one (1) bedroom unit have been waiting 10-15 years;
    • Families requiring two (2) bedroom units have been waiting 6-10 years;
    • Families requiring three (3) or four (4) bedroom units have been waiting 10-15 years;
    • Seniors have waited 3-7 years for a unit in a Senior’s building.

    Generally, wait times depend on three factors:

    • the size of the unit the applicant requires for the number of people in their household – wait times are generally longer for larger units;
    • the more building choices an applicant makes leads to more chances for an available unit;
    • the turnover rate of units – some buildings have more or less vacancies than others.

    Please note: Applicants will get three offers of housing. If they reject these offers they will be removed from the waiting list. For this reason it is important that they select buildings they want to live in.

    Revised: Wednesday April 18 2012

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