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    Peel Living

    Profile: Springmill Terrace
    Profile: Chelsea Gardens

    Peel Living Background

    Peel Living was originally incorporated in 1976 by Peel Regional Council as a municipal non-profit housing corporation. With 70 properties and over 7,100 units, Peel Living is the largest non-profit housing provider in Peel and the second largest non-profit landlord in the Greater Toronto area. Like private community-sector non-profit and co-operative social housing providers, the senior levels of government turned to municipal non-profit housing corporations 30 years ago as an alternative to large-scale, government-run “public housing”. Peel Living’s first project was a 90-unit seniors building in Brampton, and between 1979 and 1995 Peel Living went on to build over 5,500 apartments and townhouses for singles, families and seniors.

    After the devolution of responsibility for local public housing stock to the Region of Peel through the Social Housing Reform Act (SHRA), Peel Living was amalgamated with the former provincial housing corporation (Peel Regional Housing Authority, PRHA). Peel Living is now legally known as Peel Housing Corporation (PHC).

    Peel Living is an independent Corporation and a Division of the Region of Peel Human Services Department. It operates on a self-financing model as all revenues come from tenant rents and the various levels of government. Peel Living‘s core function is property management, which includes resident services and capital asset management. All staff responsible for Peel Living's activities are employed by the Region of Peel and provide their services to Peel Living on a full recovery chargeback basis.

    Peel Living: Our Communities

    Seventy percent of Peel Living units are dedicated to families and over 25% are for seniors. Like most non-profit housing providers, Peel Living uses an income integration model – 63% of units are available for rent-geared-to-income applicants and 37% for market rent applicants. This results in Peel Living buildings having resident populations with a variety of incomes. Overall, Peel Living tenants are representative of the Peel community; in addition to seniors and families they are singles, couples, persons with special needs, some with low incomes, and some that are better off. The success of Peel Living communities also relies on the fact that they are in well built and maintained properties.

    Peel Living’s apartments and townhouses vary in size from compact efficiency apartments to 4-bedroom townhouses, and are assigned depending on the non-profit program eligibility rules. Peel Living strives to create safe, friendly, and inclusive communities in our buildings and complexes. Community sector agencies like the Boys and Girls Club of Peel and Peel Senior Link are active contributors to Peel Living’s communities. Staff regularly organize events such as summer barbeques and tenant meetings to build community spirit among residents. As well, Peel Living has entered into supportive housing partnerships for more than 300 of its units. A variety of community agencies assist these households to live independently despite special physical, developmental and psychiatric needs.

    More information on Peel Living can be found through Peel Living Board Reports and other sources available from the department and listed in the Additional Information appendix of this package. Maps locating and listing all Peel Living properties can be found at the end of Section Two. They are identified as PHC for Peel Housing Corporation, Peel Living’s corporate name. Please see the following profiles of Peel Living properties, Springmill Terrace and Chelsea Gardens.

    For market rental unit availability and rents, please call Peel Living at 905-453-1166, or visit www.viewit.ca for Peel Living listings and availabilities. To submit an application for rent-geared-to-income housing, please contact Peel Access to Housing at 905-453-1300 or send an e-mail to: peelaccesstohousing@peelregion.ca

    Revised: Wednesday April 18 2012

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