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Housing Master Plan

Mayfield seniors housing in Caledon. 60 new units opened in summer 2019.

A long-term capital infrastructure plan to guide how the Region will create more affordable housing in Peel.

Our focus is on redeveloping selected Peel Housing Corporation sites to create more affordable housing units, and building new units on selected Regional surplus lands.

The Housing Master Plan is a key 2019 action that supports the strategy, “Build More Affordable Housing,” one of 5 strategies in the Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan.

View the Region of Peel's Housing Master Plan (PDF)


More low-income and middle-income residents will be able to find housing that is affordable.

390Rental units, 40 shelter beds

Phase 1: currently in development

350Rental units, 60 shelter beds

Phase 2: planning beginning in 2019

5,700New affordable units by 2034

If fully implemented, the Plan will add almost 5,700 new affordable units, including: 5,364 rental units, 226 supportive housing and 60 emergency beds in 15 years

The Housing Master Plan can only be completed if the Region and the 3 local municipalities receive federal and provincial funding to meet the community’s affordable housing needs.

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