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Information for housing providers

Peel is the largest landlord in the Region and one of the biggest non-profit housing corporations in Canada. As the Service Manager for social housing in Peel, the Region manages social housing programs with Peel Living, other housing providers and private landlords.

The Housing Programs section of the Service System Management division works to ensure the legislative, administrative, service planning and delivery of social housing funding requirements of the Housing Services Act, 2011 and local rules meet the needs of social housing providers, residents and the Region.

Housing Provider Liaison Working Group
Comprised of representatives from non-profit and cooperative housing providers, service sector organizations and Regional staff, this group was established in 2001 to represent the collective interests of social housing providers in Peel. This group was revamped in 2010 and now meets twice a year to discuss policy issues and training for Housing Provider Sessions - which includes participants from all non-profit social housing providers in Peel.

Housing in Peel (HIP)
As Service Manager, it is important to us that local housing providers have access to current housing information. Visit this page regularly to access updates on new regulations, legislation, meetings, announcements and other resources.

Technical Advisory Services
The Region of Peel as Service Manager is responsible for the funding and administration of social housing in Peel. This includes ensuring that the existing social housing stock does not deteriorate and bear a burden for the resident or the building owner. With an aging housing stock - some non-profit buildings near 30 years old the Region has a strong interest in preserving and maintaining good housing for years to come.

In 2010, the Housing Programs team expanded to include Technical Advisory Services. Providing specialized expertise on building science, Technical Advisory Services assists local non-profit housing providers in an advisory capacity on maintenance and capital issues.

For more information on this service, please contact your Housing Administrator.

PATH Centralized Waiting List for Housing Providers
Social Housing Providers in Peel can access the centralized waiting list.
(Password required)

Revised: Wednesday September 11 2019

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