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If you need an immediate place to stay there are shelters available for youth, families, adults, and people fleeing violence or abuse.

It's our policy to never turn a person away. Even if your situation is challenging, we will find you a place.

If you need a safe place to stay, or access to shelters, call 905-450-1996.

We'll help find the best shelter for you from the several locations available across Peel, including in both regionally managed and community-run shelters.

Review the following shelters by category to find the one that best fits your current needs.

Fleeing violence or abuse

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

For shelter support:

16 to 24 years old

Our Place Peel
3579 Dixie Road, Mississauga
Call our find a shelter line at 905-450-1996.

Brampton Queen Street Youth Shelter
3458 Queen St. East, Brampton
Tell us you're coming

Single female 25 years or older

Ellen House
Located in Brampton
Call our find a shelter line at 905-450-1996.


Peel Family Shelter
2420 Surveyor Rd., Mississauga
Tell us you're coming

Single adult or a couple

Wilkinson Shelter
15 Wilkinson Road, Brampton
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Cawthra Shelter
2500 Cawthra Road, Mississauga
Tell us you're coming

Other information

Anyone in crisis needing shelter can stay at a shelter in Peel. We do not turn anyone away.

While you are at the shelter, we will work with you to develop a case plan to help you, including applying for Ontario Works.

Peel Region has 4 emergency shelters in Brampton and Mississauga and a youth transitional housing facility in Mississauga. Other agencies also provide emergency shelter for women and children in Brampton and Mississauga. We'll help you find one when you call us.

Your safety

Shelters in Peel are safe and have 24-hour staffing and support from qualified professionals.

If you're transgender, we can place you at the shelter where you will be most comfortable.

Peel Region has a zero tolerance policy for any form of violence or harassment including but not limited to aggressive behaviour, physical threats or verbal abuse. We encourage everyone to conduct themselves in a respectful manner to maintain a positive environment for everyone.

If a resident is in immediate danger and risk to their safety, they should call 911 immediately.

Your comfort

Shelter programs are part of the process of helping people end their homelessness while helping to meet their basic needs.

From the moment you enter a shelter, there are supports and a plan to ensure a safe and appropriate exit from shelter.

Your comfort is important to us. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and aim to provide a culturally safe, and inclusive environment in all our shelters.

  • Distress Centre Peel: 905-278-7208
  • Kids Health Phone: 1-800-668-6868
  • Mental Health Mobile Crisis Centre of Peel: 905-278-9036
  • Youth Mental Health Crisis Response Service: 416-410-8615