The Butterfly Approach

The Region of Peel is among the first Long Term Care providers in Ontario to create Butterfly home areas, and the first to receive Butterfly Accreditation at our homes, Malton Village and Sheridan Villa. Working together with Meaningful Care Matters we create spaces that improve the well-being of the people living with dementia by using innovative, person-centred approaches to meet their complex care needs.

What do we mean by person-centred? It means doing more than just addressing clinical needs. It means connecting emotionally, which, due to dementia’s impact on logic and memory, can be a powerful way to connect with people in a meaningful way. It means making the house truly feel like home, a place we could welcome family and friends. By meeting people’s physical and emotional needs, we never forget they are complex, valuable, feelings-based people who can continue to live vibrant and full lives throughout their journey with dementia. This, to us, is how we become person-centred.

Our Butterfly home areas are a place of engagement, interaction, family and comfort. Staff are supported to connect emotionally with people and to build their understanding of cognitive and functional abilities across the different phases of dementia.

Our Butterfly home areas are more relaxed and home-like and strive to recreate the look, sound, feel, and smell associated with home or places of comfort. To support and value the connection to people’s lives, the home areas are filled with the “stuff of life” so that people can connect with a variety of colours, textures, and objects that reflect their life experiences, occupations, and hobbies.

In 2018, Peel Regional Council approved the creation of Butterfly Homes in the Region’s five long term care centres. We have implemented the Butterfly Approach on two home areas at both Malton Village and Sheridan Villa and are currently engaged in implementation of the Approach at Vera M. Davis Centre, Tall Pines, and Peel Manor. To learn more about the Butterfly Approach philosophy, please visit the Meaningful Care Matters website.

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