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News release: September 8, 2021

Region of Peel Releases Anti-Racism & Systemic Discrimination Statement

The Region takes a firm stand against racism and systemic discrimination.

Brampton, ON. (September 8, 2021) – As an accountable government, the Region of Peel is responsible for ensuring all residents benefit equally from public policies, programs, and services. The Region commits to addressing the root causes of inequality and driving positive social change. The Region has released the following statement:

The Region of Peel recognizes the impact of historical and ongoing racism and systemic discrimination in its communities. We are committed to learning, evolving, and owning the role we have played in preserving the systems that advantage some and disadvantage others. As a municipal leader and accountable government, we accept responsibility to expose and oppose racism, and dismantle the institutional systems that perpetuate social inequities. To achieve Community for Life, we will enact sustainable change for our employees and residents through our policies and practices that demonstrate respect and dignity for all, enabling people in Peel to achieve their fullest life.

The Region commits to learning, identifying, addressing, and eradicating systemic discrimination, past and present, that undermines the goal of equitable and accessible regional programs and services. The severe impact of COVID-19 on marginalized members of the community emphasizes the importance of applying an equity lens to Regional efforts.

As a leader, the Region plays a role in influencing socio-demographic data collection standards and utilizing community data to drive positive outcomes. Through collaboration and partnerships (such as the BlackNorth Initiative), working with local agencies on accessible vaccination for Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ groups, and applying an equity lens to our funding model, we are making meaningful changes for our community.

This statement further supports the Region’s Strategic Plan which focuses on the vision of a ‘Community for Life’ which ensures Peel residents have access to regional programs and services that meet their unique needs in order to succeed and achieve their full potential.

We recognize that racism and systemic discrimination disrupt the lives of our residents, affecting their health and wellbeing, and are key drivers of inequality. We have a responsibility and role to play in acknowledging and addressing racism and discrimination to achieve lasting change and ensure a thriving community. This statement demonstrates our commitment to addressing the root causes of inequalities and driving positive social change.

Janice Baker, CAO, Region of Peel

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Denise McDonough
Communication Specialist
Region of Peel

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