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Peel 2041+ Official Plan Review

Region of Peel Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review

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Public open houses were held online for growth related focus area draft policies and settlement area boundary draft technical studies between September 21st through October 1st.

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the public joined various online forums to learn about the proposed policy changes and engage with staff. Past consultation materials can be found under Upcoming Consultations.

Peel 2041+

The Province of Ontario released Amendment 1 to A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the GGH that includes changes to the total population and employment forecasts for Peel, the planning horizon (from 2041 to 2051), and other policies. Future updates to reflect this amendment will build on work completed under Peel 2041+ thus far to support the Region’s vision for A Community for Life. For more information, see provincial drivers.

What is the Regional Official Plan Review?

In keeping with the Government of Ontario’s Planning Act, the Region must update its Official Plan every 5 years. This mandatory update ensures that official plan policies stay current with Provincial plan and policy changes and reflect our changing community's needs.

Download the current Regional Official plan

Peel 2041+ is our current Regional Official Plan review. It started on May 23, 2013 with a public meeting. The Regional Official Plan Review process will:

To date, Regional Official Plan Amendment 27, on Age-friendly Planning, Health and the Built Environment, as adopted by By-Law 12-2017, was approved by the Province and went into effect on September 1, 2017. Read more about approved amendments.

What is the Municipal Comprehensive Review?

A Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a process required under the 2019 A Place to Grow Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Provincial Policy Statement. It ensures that Official Plans conform with provincial plans and policies. An MCR results in a new official plan or official plan amendment which is submitted to the Province for approval.

Focus areas and supporting studies

As part of the Peel 2041+ Regional Official Plan Review, we will explore policy changes in specific focus areas. Read more about focus areas and supporting studies for each focus area.



Peel 2041 Official Plan
Review kick-off

Provincial Policy Statement, 2014

Growth Management Workshops, 2013-2015


Provincial Coordinated Plans Review


ROPA 27: Health and the Built Environment, Age-Friendly Planning policies approved and in-effect.

Draft Growth Management and Transportation policies (put on hold due to changing Provincial framework).


A Place to Grow, 2019

Dec. 12 Draft Environment policies report requesting consultation


March Public consultations on Environment related Focus areas

Jun. 25 Draft Growth policies report requesting consultation

Fall 2020 Public consultations on Growth related Focus areas


We are here

2021 Informal consultations

2021 Statutory public consultations

Q4 Winter 2021 Council adoption of ROPA


July 1, 2022 Provincial Conformity

Council reports

For additional information on the Peel 2041+ work plan, studies, and technical reports, please visit the Reading room.

Other Supporting Materials for the December 10, 2020 Council Report

Peel 2041+ newsletters

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There are many ways that you can participate throughout the Peel 2041+ Official Plan Review process and we want to hear from you! Use one of the methods below to share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.

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