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Age-friendly planning

Provincial Approval of ROPA 27, now in Effect

On February 23, 2017, Regional Council adopted Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) 27. ROPA 27 includes policies related to health and the built environment, age-friendly planning, and technical and administrative updates.

About Age-friendly planning policies

In an Age-Friendly Community, services, facilities and programs are more accessible and responsive to the specific needs of older persons or seniors. An older person or senior is anyone aged 65 years or older.

Demographics show that Peel's population will age significantly in the near future. In 2011, 10% of Peel's population were seniors. This figure will increase to 19% by 2031 and 21% by 2041.

Peel Region is preparing for its aging population by supporting the vision to make Peel more age-friendly where seniors have access to services that enable them to age safely and with dignity, while maximizing their quality of life.

The Regional Official Plan is a tool that can guide, support and direct the development of age-friendly policies in housing options, transportation, infrastructure, accessible outdoor spaces, and walkable communities.

The Planning for an aging population discussion paper (PDF) shows consultation with the community and research on best practices. The Region reviewed age-friendly policies from our local municipalities, across Canada and around the world to get a better understanding on how to meet the needs of our aging population.

Peel 2041 policies:

Supporting documents

Planning for an aging population discussion paper (PDF)

For more information, email Regional Planning or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 8673.