Make logic out of thin air
Defy gravity, and spin awe from balconies and velvet chairs
With every graceful move
I fall like water
And grow closer
To something I don't fully comprehend.

They see magic
White doves and enchanted walls
Transcendent tricks, bated breath
Followed by applause
The circus appeals to the dreamers
A gift, I reflect
For dreamers don't need to dream
To believe.

But what do I see
That they cannot?
No strings hold me up, that much is true
Though my skin, and the slight sway of my heart
Tell me I can't trust
What unfolds before me
When I open my eyes.

I am its compass
For these dreamers, I'm the star of the stage
Yet I'm lost in the unknown
A fish in a bowl
With everything I could ask for
And nothing to hold in return.

The circus of black and white
Is a part of me, as much as
The stage is to my bones
My home, its embrace far from warm
And I love it nonetheless.

Find common ground
Like a friend, I know some
While the unknown is known as trust
A code
An inside joke, almost
It's enough for us wanderers
Whose roots curl about distant stars.

There is comfort
In sharing this love with ordinary folk
Who look past the fantastical
Value stone over cosmic dust
To discover the people, not the acts
And chat, enjoying what little we know.

Dreamers, I remember
Do not seek the secrets we hide
They still bring roses
To thank, and appreciate
Not pry for knowledge
A sign of humility
An enjoyment of the magic unfolding called life.

Jennifer Lam