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Breastfeeding companions

Register for free telephone support from another mother with breastfeeding experience.

Registration submitted

Thank you for registering for Breastfeeding companions. We will contact you within 1 week.

Contact information
Consent for electronic communication

I would like to communicate with a designated volunteer peer (Breastfeeding Companion) and/or Region of Peel-Public Health Staff of the Breastfeeding Companions Program through email or text messaging, and have read and agree with the following:

Guidelines and risks

I acknowledge and understand that:

  • Email and text messages are not encrypted on the Region of Peel-Public Health email system, and therefore, the Region of Peel-Public Health cannot guarantee the security of messages that I send to or receive from the Region of Peel-Public Health.
  • Charges for text messages may apply depending on my cellphone carrier plan.
  • Region of Peel-Public Health staff will endeavour to respond to messages during business hours, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  • Content of email and text messages received by Region of Peel-Public Health staff/volunteer will form part of my Region of Peel-Public Health program file.
  • I and Region of Peel-Public Health staff/volunteer will keep the exchange of personal health information via email or text message to a minimum.
  • I may withdraw my consent at any time through a written request.
  • Region of Peel-Public Health staff/volunteer may withdraw communicating via text or email, at any time.
  • I agree not to use email or text messaging to communicate emergency or urgent health care matters.