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Breastfeeding positions

Finding a good breastfeeding position can take a little time and practice.

For successful breastfeeding, the position should be comfortable and pain-free.

Your breastfeeding position may change over time as your baby grows. There are several different breastfeeding positions that you can try.

Baby's position

Positions to try

Below your breast

Across your body

Cross cradle hold
Works well for young babies, when you first learning how to breastfeed.

Football hold
Works well for small babies, for women with large breasts or after a caesarean birth.

Cradle hold
Most familiar position but it is best used when you are more experienced with breastfeeding.

Side-lying hold
Takes practice but can be a comfortable position for you and your baby.

Source: Reprinted with permission by Nancy Mohrbacher (Illustrations by Allan Moon)