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Paced bottle feeding

When your baby is bottle feeding it’s important to control how fast your baby drinks. This is called paced bottle feeding.

This method allows your baby to drink at a comfortable pace and helps prevent choking and overfeeding.

Remove the bottle if your baby is:

Count your baby’s sucks and swallows. If your baby doesn’t take a breath every 3 to 5 sucks, remove the bottle and take a 5 second pause to let your baby breathe.

Your baby may suck harder when you try to take the nipple from their mouth, even though they need a breath.

Often your baby will swallow, then breathe, and then open their mouth. This shows you they are ready to begin feeding again.

You can change position when bottle feeding. This will help ensure your baby doesn’t develop a preference for the left or right side when feeding.

Never prop a bottle in your baby’s mouth as it can cause choking. It can also lead to tooth decay or give your baby too much or too little milk.

Watch our paced bottle feeding video.

Burping your baby

Burping your baby helps release air that is swallowed during feeding. Burping can be done about halfway through a feeding or when your baby shows signs.

Signs of needing to burp: