Development Applications Resources

The following resources help facilitate and implement the standards and requirements in development applications. Please read carefully to ensure you review all necessary guidelines and requirements:

Development Charges and Fees

Development Charges (DCs) are fees imposed on land development and redevelopment projects to help pay for the capital costs of infrastructure that is needed to service new development.

Development Charges may be required if you are:

  • constructing a new building
  • making alterations to an existing building to increase the number of residential units or size of the building

Fees associated with Regional development review are outlined in the Regional Fee Bylaw Schedule. Listed below are links that will provide you with information on the procedures and required fees for submitting applications.


Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Management

The Complete Public Works Design, Standards Specification & Procedures Manual is a technical resource of interest to consulting engineers. It details the standards for drawings and other materials required for engineering approvals to be granted. For specific criteria and guidelines, please consult the following links:

Waste Management

Environmental Assessments

Planning Documents

Revised: Friday July 16 2021

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