About the Peel Region Official Plan


The following information is designed to provide a general overview of the different sections of the Official Plan. In order to see more detail on each of the topics summarized below, refer to a copy of the Official Plan.

Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the Region Official Plan is to establish a long-term regional strategic policy framework for guiding growth and development while:

  • protecting the natural environment;
  • managing resources;
  • outlining a regional structure
  • interpreting provincial policy within the Peel context;
  • providing the basis for area municipal planning;
  • recognizing the duality of urban and rural Peel;
  • protecting and enhancing Peel's heritage;
  • ensuring health and safety for those living and working in Peel;
  • maintaining fiscal sustainability.

Themes of the Plan

The Region Official Plan follows three themes:

  • ecosystem approach
  • sustainable development
  • healthy communities

General Goals of the Plan

The four primary goals of the Region Official Plan are to:

  • create a healthy community
  • recognize the importance of the environment
  • recognize the importance of a vibrant economy
  • support balanced growth and development

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