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Natural Environment

Natural Environment
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Goal: To ensure a healthy, resilient and self-sustaining natural environment within the Region.

Large Environmental Systems

This section of the Official Plan contains Regional policies that recognize the interactions between the larger and the more localized environmental systems and conserve Peel's air, water and land resources. Examples of large environmental systems in Peel include Lake Ontario, the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Greenlands System in Peel

A Greenlands System in Peel has been identified to extend across the entire Region. This Greenlands System is intended to protect, restore and, where possible, connect key natural features and functions such as wetlands, woodlands, ravines, and habitats of threatened and endangered species.

Natural Hazards

The Official Plan aims to prevent loss of human life and property due to the potential impacts of natural hazards, and to ensure new developments address these hazards. Natural hazards include areas susceptible to flooding, erosion and/or unstable slopes.

Restoration of the Natural Environment

The Plan seeks opportunities to enhance the Greenlands System in Peel by restoring and enhancing degraded components of the natural environment.

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