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Population and Employment Forecasts

Natural Environment
Population and Employment Forecasts
Regional Structure
Regional Services

Goal: To anticipate and plan for future growth in Peel.

The population and employment forecasts provided in the Official Plan serve as the basis for determining regional services and establishing land requirements to accommodate growth to the year 2021. Please refer to the table below.

P o p u l a t i o n   a n d   E m p l o y m e n t   F o r e c a s t s   f o r   P e e l
Year 2011
  Population Employment
Brampton 469.000 205.000
Caledon 67.000 26.000
Mississauga 681.000 439.000
Total 1.217.000 670.000
Year 2021
  Population Employment
Brampton 588.000 256.000
Caledon 84.000 33.000
Mississauga 716.000 473.000
Total 1.388.000 762.000

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