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Regional Structure
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Goal: To provide a diversity of healthy communities offering a variety of housing, employment, recreational and cultural activities.

The Regional Structure chapter in the Official Plan contains broad planning goals, objectives and policies designed to respond to the pressures of growth and development. This section recognizes the importance of Peel's Regional Structure elements and its relationship to the structural elements in the surrounding regions. It also distinguishes and recognizes the duality that exists between the urban and rural systems in Peel.

Topics covered in this section include: The 2021 Regional Urban Boundary, the Urban System, the Rural System, the Transportation System and Housing in Peel. In order to provide certainty as to which lands are proposed for urban purposes and which remain agricultural or rural, a Regional Urban Boundary is established to accommodate urban growth to the year 2021. Lands within the 2021 Regional Urban Boundary are identified as the "Urban System" and lands outside the Boundary as the "Rural System". The Region is committed to achieving a variety of housing forms to meet the existing and future needs of residents in Peel. As the Region plans for growth, a transportation system must also be planned to provide a safe and efficient means to transport people and goods.

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