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Goal: To protect, manage and use renewable and non-renewable resources in an efficient manner.


Agricultural policies aim to protect the Prime Agricultural Area and agricultural uses. The Official Plan supports the agricultural industry and sustainable farming practices, and requires the preparation of new land division policies. 

Mineral Aggregates

The Official Plan seeks to ensure production and provision of mineral aggregate resources to meet existing and future needs, while taking into consideration the protection of communities, the environment and other resources. As well, the rehabilitation of pits and quarries is actively promoted.


The protection, maintenance and enhancement of the quantity and quality of water resources is promoted in the Official Plan. This involves the reduction of negative land use impacts, an increased knowledge of water resources, and education initiatives.


This portion of the Official Plan supports passive recreational opportunities, and a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. The Official Plan also supports the area municipalities in their efforts to promote tourism.

Cultural Heritage

The Official Plan illustrates Peel's support for heritage preservation and recognizes the role of heritage in developing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors to Peel. It promotes the Region's heritage and supports the area municipal heritage policies and programs.

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