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The Planning and Conservation Land Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006(Bill 51)expands the list of matters of provincial interest under the Planning Act to include:

  • promotion of development that is designed to be sustainable;
  • support for public transit and planning oriented to pedestrians.

The provision is consistent with the Government of Ontario’s overall direction toward the promotion of more sustainable development patterns and ‘complete communities’.

The Region of Peel has also released Sustainability Background Paper, which provides background information on sustainability and sustainability planning in order to develop ROP sustainability policies to address new provincial planning directions1 (Phase One) and inform subsequent corporate sustainability work (Phase Two).

Sustainable communities use their resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations; they seek a better quality of life for their residents while maintaining nature’s ability to function over time.  Sustainable communities can only be achieved through sustainability planning, which contains elements common to best practices in planning such as having a vision; selecting specific, measurable objectives with appropriate indicators; and developing the means to achieve the vision.

Sustainability planning needs to be undertaken as part of a framework which helps “connect the dots” across all aspects of planning, breaking down the separation that is often found between the various elements of an official plan, and between the departments which have responsibility for its implementation.  In undertaking this ROP Review, the Region has chosen to address the quadruple dimensions of sustainability – economic, social, environmental, and cultural – in future policies and decisions. The aim of the sustainability approach is, wherever possible to find “multiple wins” by integrating (not balancing) the dimensions of sustainability.

For more background on sustainability, download the Sustainability Background Paper (2.54 MB, 70 pages)

For more on sustainability provisions that will inform the sustainability Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA), download Sustainability Discussion Paper (2.7 MB, 79 pages)

Residents are invited to comment on these papers or on any other sustainability challenges that Peel faces.  Comments received will be taken into consideration as the Region reviews and updates the sustainability focus area of the Peel Region Official Plan.

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