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Notice: Page Archived

This version of the Peel Data Centre's website is now archived and no longer updated. Use our new Data Portal at data.peelregion.ca to view data and download open data. This page will no longer exist by mid-2020. Region of Peel staff: please do not use Internet Explorer to view the Data Portal.


 Statistics, Facts and More

This is the core of the Peel Data Centre Website.

Here you will find a range of information, from the number of seniors living in Peel to how many Peel residents take transit to work.

If you do not find the information you are looking for in our six main categories, try our Other Resources.

 Main Categories

 Other Resources

Summary Geography Document

Data is often available for many different areas (or geographies). In this section, you can find out what the most common analysis areas look like.

Open Data

Download data about Peel, its municipalities and surrounding areas.

2011 Quick Facts

Facts and figures about Peelís population, economic activity, environmental features and more.

Settlement History of Peel

Explore the interactive history of how settlement formed within Peel Region.

Peel as a Village, 2011

What if Peel was a village with only 100 people?

Bulletins and Brochures

Short publications on recent demographic, housing and construction trends, quality of life in Peel and data collection and modelling activities in the Planning department.

Additional Data Holdings

Descriptions of Peel Data Centre data holdings that are not posted on this Website.